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Nuestra filosofía | Esperanza Bolivia

we are

We are a bolivian non-governmental organization, and we work to strengthen the quality of life and well-being of the population, with integral actions of health and its determinants, such as education, food security, agro-ecology, environment, and promotion of the derechos humanos.


To implement programs and projects
innovative, high-impact, with a team
highly committed,
trained and empathetic, from a
perspective of human rights, intercultural understanding, and without discrimination of
any kind


Hope Bolivia is an organization recognized for its contribution to the overall health of bolivia, intervening with the criteria of quality and transparency in the environmental factors, biological, behavioral, social, economic, employment, educational, and health, that determine the health and quality of life of the population.



To develop actions and efforts of cooperation, from empathy and respect.


To contribute to social development
equal and just, from the tolerance and respect for the differences and needs of the people.


To build interpersonal relationships real and fair, through the confidence and respect.


To obtain quality results, starting from the optimal work, demanding and self-critical.


To develop conscious acts and respectful to the individual goals and collective of the institution and the communities we serve.


To act with dedication and transparency, on the basis of loyalty to the institution, its ethical principles and values.

We promote
and we defend

Universal Human Rights protected by the Political Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and International Treaties; the Fundamental Rights, Civil and Political, Social, Economic and Cultural rights; the Rights of Mother Earth; the Rights of Nations and Peoples Indigenous, Native and peasant Farmers.

The life that is free from Racism and all forms of Discrimination and its principles of Multiculturalism, Equality, Equity, and Protection.

A life free of Violence against Women and the principles enshrined in the Live Well, Equality, Inclusion, Equity, Complementarity, Harmony and Dignified Treatment.

Life free of Violence against Children and Adolescents, and the exercise of their human rights, citizens who promote his integral development for Living Well.

Life free of Discrimination against People with Different Abilities and their principles of Equality in Dignity, Inclusion, Equity, Equality, Non-Violence, and Accessibility.