Child Protection

Strengthen the skills of parents to exercise parental protector of his family.
We strengthen the capacities of children and adolescents to identify and report violations of their rights.

Are sensitive to institutions for the protection of rights, for the resolution of agile processes complaints.

We strengthen the social organizations of the community for the protection of children and allegations of rights violations.

Our projects

in the last 5 years

Effective mechanisms of Child Protection, Community-Based

Urban area and the Rural municipality of Fencing and rural area of the municipality of San Lorenzo, Tarija-Bolivia
Childfund and Esperanca Inc.


Our impact

in numbers

Parents new parenting skills, provide a care free of violence to their children.

Students trained in self-care, have a lower risk of suffering attacks of violence.

Students and their parents informed, have homes free of violence, and protect your mental health.

Municipalities with community organized and formed, protects and report the assault of the rights of at least 51,000 children, and adolescents.